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Training & Implementation

Decision-making based on network analysis should not be a one-off exercise. Kenedict strongly believes that network analysis should be made part of day-to-day decision-making in R&D. We support this through focusing on network analytics training and implementation of renewed steering mechanisms.

Network Analytics Training
In order for an organisation to fully leverage R&D network analytics, it is important to set up a permanent monitoring and analytics process and link this to daily decision-making and steering. One-off analyses can provide interesting insights, but the true strength of network analytics lies in the analysis of network structure as well as network evolution.
To enable organisations to accomplish this, Kenedict focuses on network analytics training specifically geared towards an R&D context. Training sessions include an introduction to the key concepts and metrics of Social Network Analysis, a discussion on typical data sources used in an R&D setting, and an extensive overview of tools, methodologies and techniques used in analysis and visualisation.
Day-to-day Implementation

Kenedict provides its clients with a set of powerful performance metrics based on the inherent structure of its internal knowledge networks.

Traditionally, R&D organisations have focused on various ways to measure their innovative performance, including input indicators (e.g. R&D expenses as a percentage of sales, R&D personnel headcounts per technology area) and output indicators (e.g. the share of revenues originating from new products, the number of patents applied for/granted, patent impacts through citation rates). The actual collaborative processes in which employees engage is, however, often overlooked when examining R&D performance.

Although companies invest heavily in increasing internal collaboration and knowledge sharing, most are not able to tangibly show the effects of these investments using objective, data-driven metrics. Kenedict provides just this – our clients benefit from a powerful set of newly developed leading and lagging indicators and are able to better steer their R&D organisations based on this.

Kenedict’s mission

To significantly improve Research & Development organisations’ decision-making by ensuring day-to-day usage of a social network perspective in the areas of Open Innovation, Competitive Intelligence, Human Resource Management and R&D Policy.

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