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Introducing Kenelyze: Innovation Network Analytics At Your Fingertips

Since its inception in 2013, Kenedict’s mission has been to enable anyone active in innovation and R&D to leverage the power of network analytics in their day-to-day activities and gain new insights through a connected view on any data source. Over the years, it has become clear that network analytics and innovation go hand in hand: the ability to explore data through a network lens has proven invaluable in obtaining an improved view on the structure of collaborations, the linkages between (groups of) innovation-related output and the evolution of topics and technologies over time.

Today marks an important milestone in further enabling innovation practitioners to leverage the benefits of a network perspective in their work. Kenedict is proud to introduce Kenelyze: a cloud-based innovation network analytics platform enabling anyone active in innovation to create interactive, fully customizable network maps on the fly and gain a whole new perspective on their data.

A connected view on innovation activity

Networks are the backbone of innovation. Collaborating inventors, authors and organisations form an interconnected web based on knowledge sharing and joint output creation. At the same time, the patents, publications and other documents resulting from these efforts form a network of interrelated topics and technologies connected through content similarity, citations or any other shared characteristic.

Traditional innovation data analysis focuses on the aggregation of individual bits of data (numbers of documents over time in a specific field, top inventors, most active technology codes, etc.) and subsequent reporting of these counts and sums in standardized charts. The connected nature of innovation data is very hard to grasp when carrying out these types of analysis.

Kenelyze is fully focused on revealing the connections between data points in datasets in the context of innovation. It applies a network lens to uncover the relationships existing between your data points of interest, enabling you to gain valuable new insights. Some examples:

  • Collaboration networks: visually identify who works together in your field of interest, which organisations hold key positions, and how these collaborations how evolved over time;
  • Topic connectedness: assess the linkages within and between groups of topics based on the output of a specific peer, combination of peers or entire sectors;
  • Technology evolution: interactively move through time to explore how clusters of technologies grew together and formed new areas;
  • Science-technology linkages: explore the citation links between patents and scientific publications to assess the reliance on and impact of scientific output on patents of interest.


Kenelyze was built to allow anyone active in innovation to leverage the power of networks. A brief overview of some of its key features:

Compatible with any database
Data on innovation is ubiquitous: patents, scientific publications, research grants, clinical trials and startup activity are documented in a myriad of subscription-based and free databases. Since each users uses different (combinations of) data sources, Kenelyze was developed to be compatible with just about any innovation data source available. Simply export your data from your database of choice to an Excel, CSV or text file and import it into Kenelyze to start building networks.

On the fly network creation
Visualising the relationships between the documents, authors, organisations, keywords and any other relevant metadata is made easy – simply select the variables in your data which you want to visualize and Kenelyze does the rest.

Full visual customisation
Kenelyze allows you to customise your networks based on your needs – colors, sizes, shapes and icons can be set for all the elements in your visualisations.

Advanced filters
Filters can be used to focus on subsets of data of your interest, and can be based on any numerical or textual property of the data in your network.

State of the art algorithms and metrics
Kenelyze includes many best practice algorithms in social network analysis to identify important data points, group clusters of related activity and generate informative layouts for your network visualisations.

Network sharing
Networks created with Kenelyze can be shared with anyone else (even people without access to Kenelyze) using the built-in export functionality.

High performance
Kenelyze’s engine is based on the latest web-based visualisation technologies (WebGL) and can handle performant, interactive drawing of  up to 25,000 nodes and/or 200,000 links at the same time.

Every use case and data source is different. Users may require a specific set of functionality, integration in an existing toolbox or interfaces with additional data sources. Kenelyze can be customised based on users’ needs to cater for every possible use case.

Find out more

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