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Human Resource Management

Kenedict’s network analytics services enable HR managers to gain a clear, objective view of internal R&D collaboration networks and improve their day-to-day decision-making accordingly.

The ideas, inventions and new products arising from Research & Development activities are often the result of collaboration between employees with complementary knowledge, skills and experience. A clear, objective view on the structure of internal collaboration networks provides HR Managers with stronger insights into the current competencies of the organisation, enabling them to identify gaps in knowledge and identify the most important players in key technology areas. This results in clear benefits in multiple stages of the HR process:
Planning, Recruitment & On-boarding
Network visualisations and metrics allow for quick insight into the focus areas of the R&D population. Possible gaps in knowledge or connections between technology areas can be determined objectively, providing a solid basis for workforce planning, subsequent recruitment activities and knowledge transfer activities during on-boarding of new employees.
Performance Management
Insight into collaboration networks provides the opportunity to objectively determine the key knowledge clusters, teams and individuals within the R&D organisation. Next to traditional HR indicators, network analytics provide a complementary view on R&D productivity, and can thus serve as a basis for improved performance management.
Learning & Development
The identification of training and development opportunities for the R&D population can be further optimized when an objective overview of current knowledge clusters, individuals and the connections between them is available. Gaps in knowledge can be located easily, enabling better alignment of R&D learning goals and individual training programs.

Kenedict’s mission

To significantly improve Research & Development organisations’ decision-making by ensuring day-to-day usage of a social network perspective in the areas of Open Innovation, Competitive Intelligence, Human Resource Management and R&D Policy.

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