Kenedict Innovation Analytics


Kenedict provides organisations with a novel perspective on R&D collaboration, enabling improved decision-making in various key areas in Research & Development. This is achieved through a set of interrelated research, advisory and training services, all relying on extensive data analysis backed by a tried-and-tested methodology.

Innovation Network Analysis

In-depth analytical services to visualise and measure external and internal knowledge networks. Applying key concepts of Social Network Analysis to R&D collaboration to generate novel insights and improve decision-making. Read more.

Network Advisory

Data-driven, tangible insights and recommendations to fully leverage knowledge networks and gain benefits in various key areas in R&D, including Open Innovation, Competitive Intelligence, HRM and R&D Policy.
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Training & Implementation

Training in network analysis to ensure usage of a network perspective in day-to-day decision-making. Implementation of performance metrics for improved steering of the R&D organisation.
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Kenedict’s mission

To significantly improve Research & Development organisations’ decision-making by ensuring day-to-day usage of a social network perspective in the areas of Open Innovation, Competitive Intelligence, Human Resource Management and R&D Policy.

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