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Competitive Intelligence

Gaining insight into competitors’ innovation strategies and underlying collaborative structures has traditionally proven to be difficult for many organisations. Kenedict’s unique data-driven analyses shed light on the actual knowledge networks in place within competing organisations, thereby providing clients with key strategic insights with regard to where its peers are now and where they might be heading in the near future.


The ultimate goal of any Competitive Intelligence activity should be to enable management to take better-informed decisions. Competitive intelligence with regard to the Research & Development activities of peers often focuses on the analysis of publicly available news sources with regard to new product introductions, new partnerships and any other type of qualitative information available. Although this enables forecasting of peers’ way forward to a certain extent, it overlooks the actual collaborative structures and knowledge networks in place within these organisations.

Utilizing network analytics, Kenedict provides valuable insights into the connectivity between technologies, communities of practice and individual inventors in peers’ R&D organisations. This provides a unique view on the technology and innovation strategy of other market players, significantly improves technology forecasting, and enables quicker adjustment of product roadmaps. Hidden patterns and connections between technologies and individuals become clear, providing a strong basis for improved decision-making and sustained competitive advantage.

Kenedict’s mission

To significantly improve Research & Development organisations’ decision-making by ensuring day-to-day usage of a social network perspective in the areas of Open Innovation, Competitive Intelligence, Human Resource Management and R&D Policy.

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