Kenedict Innovation Analytics

Enabling fact-based decision-making

Kenedict is convinced that any organisation can benefit greatly from a social network perspective on data in the context of innovation. We enable organisations focused on innovation to significantly improve their market intelligence through a combination of network analytical services, advisory and training:


Kenedict Innovation Analytics focuses on providing organisations with new ways to analyse, visualise and measure innovation-related data. This facilitates fact-based decision-making with regard to innovation policy, enables more focused R&D Human Resource decision-making, provides better market intelligence and alignment of product roadmaps, and significantly reduces partner search costs in Open Innovation.

Innovation Network Analysis

In-depth analytical services to visualise and measure external and internal knowledge networks.

Network Advisory

Data-driven, tangible insights and recommendations to fully leverage knowledge networks.

Training & Implementation

Training in network analysis to ensure implementation of a network perspective in day-to-day decision-making.


Open Innovation

Companies which adopt a network perspective in internal and external knowledge search can achieve significant benefits in various key areas in Open Innovation.

Competitive Intelligence

Network analysis provides key strategic insights with regard to where peers are now and where they might be heading in the near future.

Human Resource Management

Kenedict’s network analytics services enable HR managers to gain a clear, objective view of internal R&D collaboration networks and improve their day-to-day decision-making accordingly.

R&D Policy Evaluation

Kenedict enables organisations to objectively evaluate the effects of R&D policy and craft future policy measures based on this.

Kenedict’s mission

To significantly improve Research & Development organisations’ decision-making by ensuring day-to-day usage of a social network perspective in the areas of Open Innovation, Competitive Intelligence, Human Resource Management and R&D Policy.

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