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Explore the Euro 2016 Network of Countries, Players and Clubs Interactively

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Update 3: added the network of the semi-finalists.

Update 2: added the network of the remaining 8 countries in the quarter finals as well.

Update: added the network of the remaining 16 countries after the group phase. You can switch between the networks using the blue buttons at the top of the visualization.

The UEFA Euro 2016 championship is about to start, hosting 24 competing countries and a total of 552 players originating from 217 club teams. A network visualization allows us to map the connections between all the countries, players and clubs to get a visual overview of the interconnections between them.

The above network is fully interactive and allows you to explore the connections between the countries, players and clubs which the players play for. You can click any node to highlight its connections in blue and view further information on the right. Try clicking player nodes to get detailed information on e.g. positions, clubs, caps (number of appearances on the international level) and dates of birth, or a club node to see how many players are supplied by that club.

The larger the node of a club (squares), the more players it has supplied to the 24 competing teams in the championship. Juventus, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United each supplied 10 players or more.

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